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sad456.jpg (20965 bytes) We're not interested in making just a saddle

We design for your riding ability, style and comfort for both you and your horse

What You Should Know About
Fitting Your Horse

A new saddle should be placed on a horse's back with a very thin pad or blanket when checking the fit. It should be securely cinched and the rider should be seated in the saddle. The front of the saddle should clear the withers of the horse by approximately two. The back of the saddle should fit the contour of the horse's back and not stick up.  The saddle should not press into the shoulder and should evenly distribute the weight of the rider on either side of the spine.   Remember your horses comfort is just as important as your own.

Let the Experts at the SaddleRanch
Design You a Perfect Saddle

If you're a barrel racer, Roper, Trail Rider, or English Rider... You need a special type of saddle designed with your body and your horses body size in mind.   Our Master Craftsman will design a saddle geared for performance and comfort for both you and your horse.

You heard it right !!! 

The SaddleRanch will do whatever it takes to make a custom saddle for you. Our Master Craftsman pays particular attention to the needs of you and your horse while creating the saddle of your dreams.  The most amazing part of this is that you can own a hand made custom saddle for about the price of a manufactured one.  Call us today and we'll design a saddle that's right for you.

Why Choose the SaddleRanch
  • Highest Quality Leather
  • Meticulously Hand Crafted
  • Specializing in Old Time Saddles
  • Free Consultation
  • Ask About Our Lay-Away Plan
    (50% down)
fredsaddle.JPG (12128 bytes) This is one of many available custom made designs from the SaddleRanch.  Costs average from $1500-$2000
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At the SaddleRanch we try the tree on the Horse for a TRUE custom fit...

then we make the saddle.

English or Western

The SaddleRanch will custom fit you and your horse for the saddle of your dreams.

Dealer Inquires Welcome

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